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CoreTech CRT™

The heart of a gas turbine engine performance is the airfoil.

Southwest Turbines Inc.’s FAA-approved CoreTech CRT™ proprietary process replaces the entire airfoil section of the gas turbine engine. This unique and innovative overhaul technology replaces 98% of the original gas engine turbine parts with brand new materials. The net result is a remanufactured airfoil component that will outperform conventional repairs and provide performance, durability and service life equal to or better than OEM new.

What Makes CoreTech CRT™ So Effective?

Conventional Technique
Conventional turbine airfoil repair and resurfacing traditionally includes welding and activated diffusion brazing (ADB). Welding distorts and deforms the airfoil. The metallurgical properties of weld filler alloys are inferior to that of the typical airfoil “superalloy” material and often result in premature failure of the airfoil during engine operation. ADB is used to repair cracks and build up worn airfoil surfaces as an alternative to welding and produces a repair superior to most weld repairs. Yet, both welded and ADB repaired airfoils must have the weld/braze build-up areas manually ground by technicians using carbide burrs and abrasive stones. This manual process makes it difficult – if not impossible – to reproduce and maintain precise airfoil profile and geometry.

Our Technique
The CoreTech CRT™ technique uses a proprietary casting technique that replaces the entire airfoil section. Our unique process allows us to precisely duplicate the airfoil profile and geometry of a new part utilizing materials identical to the original design. CoreTech CRT™ remanufactured airfoil components are coated with a CVD gas vapor phase aluminide coating. The nozzle/stator is then inspected and classified for its airflow requirements and CNC machined to new part design tolerances.

Performance Testing
Turbine nozzle airfoils sectioned after engine tests comparing CoreTech CRT™ remanufactured nozzle with conventionally repaired nozzle purchased from OEM. TEP-331-10UA engine resulted in the CoreTech CRT™ nozzle producing 30 h.p. over the OEM repaired nozzle.
CoreTech CRT™ Benefits

Repair incorporates new airfoil casting without welding or ADB
Guaranteed 100% core recovery
Significantly reduced turn time
Superior durability
Documented power and performance increase
Cores remanufactured to new part tolerance