CoreTech CRT™

Part No. 3101513-17


Part No. 896450-5

896450-5_before 896450-5_after




CoreTech™ Benefits:

  • Repair incorporates new airfoil casting (no welding)
  • Guaranteed 100% core recovery
  • Significantly reduced turn time
  • Superior durability (advanced CVD gas vapor phase coating)
  • Documented power and performance increase
  • Cores re-manufactured to new part tolerance

Airfoil Profile Cross Section

Actual profiles of turbine nozzle airfoils sectioned after engine test comparing CoreTech™ CRT remanufactured nozzle with conventionally repaired nozzle purchased from OEM. TPE-331-10UA engine with CoreTech CRT nozzle produced 30 h.p. more than OEM repaired nozzle.

Airfoil Durability and Performance

The heart of gas turbine engine performance is the airfoil.

Millions of research and development dollars have been spent by turbine engine manufacturers to design and perfect optimal airfoil materials and configuration. Turbine airfoils (stator/nozzle vanes and blades) typically are manufactured from sophisticated metal alloys referred to as “Superalloys” designed to withstand hostile engine operational environments. Additionally, airfoils are designed and manufactured with very precise geometrical tolerances for configuration (shape and profile). Precise airfoil geometry is critical and necessary for optimum engine performance. (See figure 1.)

Conventional Repair Technology

Conventional state-of-the-art turbine airfoil repair and re-surfacing has traditionally included welding and ADB (activated diffusion brazing). Welding not only distorts and deforms the airfoil, but the metallurgical properties of weld filler alloys are inferior to that of the typical airfoil “Superalloy” material often resulting in premature failure of the airfoil during engine operation. ADB typically is used to repair cracks and build up worn airfoil surfaces as an alternative to welding and produces a repair superior to most weld repairs.

However, both welded and ADB repaired airfoils must have the weld/braze build-up areas manually ground by technicians using carbide burrs and abrasive stones. This manual process makes it difficult if not impossible to reproduce and maintain precise airfoil profile and geometry.

CoreTech CRT™

Durability and performance equal to or better than new.

CoreTech™ CRT is a proprietary casting replacement technique developed by Southwest Turbine Inc. in which the entire airfoil section is replaced. This unique process allows Southwest Turbine to precisely duplicate the airfoil profile and geometry of a new part utilizing materials identical to the original design.

CoreTech™ CRT remanufactured airfoil components are coated with a CVD gas vapor phase aluminide coating available in silicon modified or platinum modified diffused aluminide. The nozzle/stator is then inspected and classified for its airflow requirements and CNC machined to new part design tolerances.

The net result is a remanufactured airfoil component which will out perform conventional repairs and provide performance, durability, and service life equal to or better than a new component.

We guarantee it!!!