Honeywell TPE331
STI maintains one of the world’s largest inventories of both new and overhauled TPE331 engine replacement parts available for exchange (never an exchange fee) and outright sale, in stock, ready for immediate shipment 24 hours a day.

Southwest Turbine Inc. provides the most comprehensive level of independent turbine engine aftermarket maintenance support available today. STI provides safe, reliable, and cost effective FAA Approved new, overhauled, and remanufactured Turboprop, Turbofan, and APU turbine engine replacement parts, ground support tooling, and customer service engineering support to a worldwide clientele of commuter major airlines and business aircraft maintenance facilities worldwide.

STI maintains one of the largest exchange and outright sales inventories of new and overhauled TPE331 replacement parts and spares in the world, in stock, ready for immediate shipment 24 hours a day. For spare parts requirements, ground support tooling, or technical questions call our Customer Service Manager, Zach Orcutt, at 602-278-7442 or online at For your additional convenience you can access your spare parts requirements online at ILS and a STI customer service agent will respond promptly. 

Global Distribution Channels 
In addition to its Phoenix, Arizona location, STI maintains additional TPE331 spare parts inventories throughout distribution locations in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. 

Manufacturing, Repair and Overhaul Facilities 
STI is unique in its ability to both manufacture and overhaul what it distributes and sells. STI is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to design, manufacture, repair, and overhaul TPE331 replacement parts at its Phoenix, Arizona facility. STI is well equipped with late model, state of the art special process, repair and manufacturing equipment.

Guaranteed Core Reparability and Acceptance 
CoreTech CRT™, exclusive to STI, is an innovative and unique component overhaul! remanufacturing process that replaces over 98% + of the original part with new material. As a result, the CoreTech CRT™ process provides 100% core acceptance, completely eliminating the possibility of core rejection or core bill-back. We guarantee it. 

FAA Approved New Manufactured Replacement Parts 
STI’s new manufactured TPE331 replacement parts incorporate modern design changes and improved materials that provide power and performance increases and longer service life at a cost that is typically 60%-75% less than OEM list price.

Cost Savings and Value 
The efficiencies achieved through integrated manufacturing and repair capabilities combined with direct marketing uniquely enable STI to provide the ultimate in competitive pricing. Global distribution points, 24 hour access, combined with one of the largest spare parts inventories available, provide unparalleled customer support and service. Improved component reliability and increased engine performance achieved through incorporation of state of the art materials, coatings and modern manufacturing methods translate into long term cost savings, customer satisfaction and value.