Southwest Turbine’s component repair and overhaul development group consists of engineers with degrees who on average possess over 20 years of experience each in designing safe, reliable, state-of-the art repairs. Two of Southwest Turbine’s staff engineers are FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DER).

Southwest Turbine’s repair development group continuously develops innovative, reliable, and cost effective repairs that enable recovery of expensive turbine engine components, saving their customers millions of dollars a year. Southwest Turbine’s engineering staff, as standard operating procedure, specifies dimensional and physical repair standards for critical engine components that far exceed the manufacturer’s minimum overhaul requirements. Southwest Turbine’s repairs incorporate advanced state-of-the-art materials and processes, not only return the component a satisfactory airworthy condition but actually improve reliability, durability, and performance of the component. All component repairs developed by Southwest Turbine’s repair development group undergo extensive qualification testing, are FAA approved, and receive concurrent approval by the FAA Aircraft Certification Office (ACO).

Facilities and Personnel

Southwest Turbine is highly selective in its employment of skilled technicians. We accept only employees who demonstrate qualifications and attitudes consistent with Southwest Turbine’s standards for excellence. The majority of our machining operations technicians, including the manager, are European trained craftsmen who are motivated to provide excellence.

Southwest Turbine’s component repair operation occupies a 20,000 square foot facility located in Phoenix, Arizona. This location provides us with unlimited access to a broad spectrum of aerospace manufacturing and special process support vendors and suppliers. Southwest Turbine utilizes an impressive inventory of modern, calibrated, well maintained machinery and process equipment, more than sufficient to produce outstanding repairs of excellent quality.

Quality Assurance

The entire staff of Southwest Turbine takes enormous personal pride in providing the highest quality component repair and overhaul service available. Southwest Turbine employs only quality assurance personnel who demonstrate a high degree of personal integrity and excellence. They not only must be qualified to FAA standards but also must demonstrate experience and knowledge of state-of-the-art quality standards and inspection techniques.

Our quality assurance staff diligently uphold high standards that ensure each overhaul component will surpass minimum airworthiness standards providing increased component performance and reliability that exceed customer expectations.